Consumer Goods Digital Transformation

Digitally Transform With Salesforce's Consumer Goods Cloud: Overview and Case Study

See how major retailers and consumer goods companies are using an enhanced digital strategy to boost performance.


Has your business been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic? Disrupted supply chains, warehouse maintenance issues, and under/overstocking of products have been the most common problems. The pandemic has drastically changed the way consumers buy and exposed the “old-fashioned' ways of the industry. A recent Salesforce report found that 99% of Consumer Goods companies accelerated digital transformation in 2020. Innovative technology combined with artificial intelligence is helping companies gain a competitive edge to become more data-driven.


How Do I Digitally Transform? 

Salesforce's Consumer Goods Cloud is an intelligent and seamless B2B CRM solution that can fuel alignment and growth from anywhere in the world. Consumer Goods Cloud has helped hundreds of companies get their supply chain back on track, boost sales on the shelves, and power a required digital presence. A move to Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud will help your company accelerate growth intelligently, accurately, and effectively in today's market.

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