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Kensington is a leader in desktop and mobile accessories

Headquartered in San Mateo, CA, Kensington has been a leader in manufacturing desktop and mobile accessories for over 35 years. Kensington™ anticipates the needs and challenges of the ever-evolving workplace and craft professional-tier award-winning solutions for organizations committed to providing peak professionals the tools they need to thrive. Kensington™ prides itself on three timeless core values: Design, Quality, and Support.

Salesforce Health Check: The first step to Kensington’s Salesforce optimization

Kensington's sales team used three disconnected organizational tools to track a pipeline that was recording double revenue. The resulting inefficiencies served as the launch-point for Corrao Group's initial Salesforce Health Check. Kensington™ needed to consolidate the existing three tools into a single system powerful enough to get an accurate pulse on pipeline activity.

Kensington’s Health Check results prompted the creation of an entirely new Salesforce instance that would establish the foundation for the successes to come. Early stages of this new Salesforce instance facilitated the identification of customers on the verge of attrition to breathe new life in their relationship with Kensington™.

Marketing Automation: Pardot-Sourced Outbound Marketing

After a pair of successful Salesforce implementations, both Kensington™ and Corrao Group saw the opportunity to expand their partnership beyond a traditional Salesforce optimization project. It became clear that marketing automation was Kensington’s™ next step towards achieving their broader goals. Corrao Group developed a strategy to leverage Kensington’s™ current installation-based customers to start messaging the evolution of their new product offerings.

Corrao Group also used automation to help Kensington™ gain insights on their prospects and their roles. Corrao Group educated Kensington’s™ Salesforce users on the processes required to develop a successful program using a series of automation strategies.

Corrao Group designed a series of new lead magnets to convey thought leadership and general industry expertise. These new white papers became a valuable opportunity for Kensington™ to demonstrate credibility within the industry in an easily-digestible and visually-appealing format.

Closed-Loop Seed Program: Solving Manufacturer’s New Product Samples

The expenses associated with producing and shipping units and the difficulty of collecting results often make implementation of a sampling program inefficient. However, consumer testing proves to be an excellent tool for generating end-user feedback. To capture enough information to justify a sample program, Kensington™ would need to implement a closed-loop strategy. The sampling program would require a streamlined distribution strategy, tracking capabilities, hands-off reporting, and clear ROI.

Corrao Group and Kensington™ collaborated to guarantee a “White Glove” experience for participants of the program known as “ProConcierge.” Packages carrying each docking station were tracked through Salesforce, and Pardot was connected to ensure that the appropriate feedback requests were automatically delivered on a weekly basis. The survey emails were designed with the end-user in mind; providing feedback was as easy as filling out an embedded survey. The knowledge gained through the ProConcierge program proved to be well worth the costs of a complementary docking station as program membership exceeded expectations

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Continuous Improvements: Corrao Group assisting in Evolution

Corrao Group developed a process that communicated even more robust reports with measurements of both overall results and possible risk. The campaign needed to be able to attribute revenue to the appropriate source, and it delivered. Measurement of dollars alone fails to reflect the valuable feedback that Kensington™ was getting. The user-experience was one of Kensington’s™ differentiators, as much as the quality docking stations. Kensington™ wasn’t just supplying to more users than expected. They were supplying to the right users.

What began as a Salesforce implementation project for a firm unsatisfied with their results grew into a mutually-beneficial collaboration between Corrao Group and Kensington™. As with other projects, Corrao Group approached the technological task from a human perspective. Members of the Corrao Group team adapted to the Kensington™ culture to maximize both the technical capacity of the project and the success of user adoption. Corrao Group continues to identify ways to maximize Kensington’s™ investment in the Salesforce ecosystem via an annual support agreement.